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Centrally located in Tauranga, Fabric Creations' modern facilities are located on the edge of transport network and logistics hubs that service the country from the busiest port. Relocated to the new premises in October 2018 there is ample capacity to store consigned fabrics and manage those larger projects at the  just under 900 M2 (10,000 square feet) Hynds Road Facility.

Business Roots

59 Years ago Eileen started working in the UK rag trade where she trained as a corsetier, she continued her whole working life connected with the business of fabrics. From wedding dresses to window dressing.

Symington’s trainee school of Peterborough

Oct 1960, Eileen 3rd Row and 3rd From the front. 30 trainee girls 15yrs and older manufacturing Corsets for biggest customer Marks and Spencer UK.

For much of her working life she managed large drapery and bed ware manufacturing businesses supplying high end retailers in the UK. Specialties such as bed linens, pelmet making, duvets etc. Spending some of her time with clients in the shops of Knightsbridge. Managing a team of over 40 . cutters, sewers and other drapery makers, quality demands were high and time frames almost impossible.

Later whilst running her own company she got familiar with the trades merchants and hawkers that provided the mills bolts and stock for the drapery trade. After moving to New Zealand some 23 years ago to be with her grandchildren, she continued her artisan love of providing bespoke hand finished soft furnishings, initially from home , then moving into larger premises.After a number of successful years, tired hands and changes in lifestyle, she decided to retire following the intense training of Steve’s new wife Christine on the details of drape making.

50 years in the making and we still love what we do

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Second Generation

Time doesn’t change the customers demand for quality, affordability and accessibility when it comes to drapes, curtains and soft furnishings. Christine has now been running Fabric Creations for 7 years building it up again from where Eileen had retired. Christine’s background in a fast moving, high pressure world of Hong Kong’s stock market provided the basis of urgency and delivery when it comes to meeting the customers’ expectations. HK has some of the most expensive property in the world and style to go with it.

Unconsciously the busy hub of Hong Kong and the ever-present need for high fashion and a million dollar look provided the platform to build an understanding for bespoke products.

A Life of production

Trained as a welding and fabrication engineer Steve spent the early part of his time in production environments with steel, stainless and alloy, from tankers to structure and yachts to food processing plant. Steve arrived in NZ around 30 years ago.

Steve’s Tailor In Hong Kong, “best suit ever bought”

Quality tailors can be found in few places and the craft of sewing is honed across generations of Chinese machinists in the back streets of Hong Kong and china’s major cities.

Having now spent most of his life and raising a large family in NZ, he has contributed meaningfully to NZ inc in many ways through various corporate roles. In 2018 he decided to give up his passion for the Marine Aquaculture Industry to help expand Fabric Creations further when they purchased Kingtrack Ltd. Kingtrack provided the extension needed for Fabric Creations , by utilizing a NZ made and recycled alloy product akin to the window treatment industry alongside soft furnishings.

Both Fabric Creations and Kingtrack were relocated side by side into the new premises to further improve productivity, turnaround and provide a unified blind making process.

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